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“Bio-vitamin D mushrooms are a growing product segment that needs some education”


Since late 2018, there is a brand new label for organic vitamin D mushrooms from German soil. Under the label ‘Sonny’s’, these organic mushrooms are now being offered in specialist shops. And after their presentation at this year’s Biofach, interest is gradually growing, says Mirco Kinzel from Biopilzland.

In the first few months after its launch in the organic retail trade, the product is already quite well-known. “Considering that it’s a very specialist product, you also have to show people what the benefits of these vitamin D mushrooms are. Because most Germans do not know this product as a first-class vitamin D supplier. We are currently primarily targeting organic retailers, but we can not rule out that we will be able to place this organic product within regular retail in the long run,” says Kinzel…

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